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Advancethings, a division of Invansys and Advancetech  Group of companies, offers a range of services for implementing ThingsBoard. These services encompass the following steps:

  1. Requirements Gathering: Advancethings works closely with clients to understand their specific IoT project requirements. They conduct detailed discussions and analysis to identify the types of devices to be connected, data collection needs, and desired platform features.
  2. Infrastructure Setup: Advancethings assists in setting up the required infrastructure for hosting the ThingsBoard platform. Whether it’s an on-premises or cloud-based deployment, they ensure the necessary hardware, operating system, and networking components are properly configured.
  3. Installation and Configuration: The team from Advancethings handles the installation of ThingsBoard by downloading the distribution package from the official sources. They follow the installation instructions provided by ThingsBoard and configure the platform according to the client’s requirements. This includes setting up databases, device profiles, telemetry storage, and security settings.
  4. Device Integration: Advancethings specializes in integrating IoT devices with ThingsBoard. They have expertise in connecting various types of devices and implementing communication protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP. Their team develops the necessary device-side code or firmware to establish a secure and reliable connection with the platform.
  5. Data Visualization: Leveraging their experience with ThingsBoard, Advancethings creates customized dashboards, widgets, and charts to visualize the collected IoT data. They design visually appealing and informative visualizations tailored to the specific use case and requirements of the client.
  6. Rules Engine: Advancethings helps clients take advantage of ThingsBoard’s rules engine by defining and automating actions based on incoming data. They configure the rules engine to trigger alarms, notifications, and other automated tasks, aligning with the client’s business logic and desired outcomes.
  7. User Management and Security: Advancethings ensures proper user management and security within the ThingsBoard platform. They set up user accounts, define roles, and establish access controls to manage authentication and authorization. This helps clients maintain data security and privacy.
  8. Integration with External Systems: Advancethings assists in integrating ThingsBoard with external systems and services, such as databases, analytics platforms, or third-party applications. They utilize the available APIs and connectors to enable seamless data exchange and interoperability with other components of the client’s IoT ecosystem.
  9. Testing and Deployment: The team from Advancethings conducts thorough testing of the implemented solution to ensure its stability, reliability, and scalability. They perform end-to-end testing, including device connectivity, data transmission, rule execution, and data visualization. Once testing is complete, they oversee the deployment of the solution to the production environment.
  10. Monitoring and Maintenance: Advancethings provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance services for the ThingsBoard platform and associated devices. They implement monitoring tools and alerts to proactively detect and address any issues. Regular maintenance tasks such as backups, updates, and security patches are performed to keep the system up to date and secure.

Advancethings leverages their expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive and professional implementation services for ThingsBoard, ensuring clients achieve successful IoT deployments.

Meet Our Team

  1. Trend Analytics from ThingsBoard: Advancethings leverages the trend analytics features available in ThingsBoard to provide insightful analysis of the collected IoT data. They utilize the platform’s built-in analytics capabilities to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in the data. By analyzing historical data, Advancethings helps clients gain valuable insights into their operations, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their IoT processes.
  2. Historian Services from Canary Labs: Advancethings incorporates the historian services provided by Canary Labs into the IoT implementation. Canary Labs offers a powerful historian solution that securely stores and retrieves time-series data from various sources, including ThingsBoard. With the historian services, Advancethings ensures reliable data storage, retrieval, and long-term archival capabilities for the IoT system. This allows clients to access historical data for trend analysis, compliance reporting, and troubleshooting purposes.

By integrating trend analytics from ThingsBoard and historian services from Canary Labs, Advancethings enables clients to unlock the full potential of their IoT data. They provide advanced analytics capabilities and robust data storage solutions, allowing clients to gain valuable insights, track historical performance, and optimize their operations based on data-driven decisions.

  1. OPC Integration: OPC is a widely adopted communication standard for connecting industrial automation systems. Advancethings specializes in integrating ThingsBoard with OPC servers to enable seamless data exchange between IoT devices and the industrial automation infrastructure. They establish secure connections using OPC protocols to retrieve real-time data from OPC servers and transmit it to ThingsBoard. This integration allows for real-time monitoring, data visualization, and analysis of industrial processes within the ThingsBoard platform.
  2. API Integration with Dashboards: Advancethings enables API integrations between ThingsBoard and custom dashboards or third-party visualization tools. They utilize the extensive APIs provided by ThingsBoard to connect and exchange data with external dashboarding solutions. This integration allows clients to leverage their preferred dashboarding tools to visualize IoT data collected by ThingsBoard. Advancethings ensures seamless data synchronization and provides customized API integration services tailored to the client’s specific requirements.
  3. API Integration with ERP (e.g., SAP): Advancethings facilitates API integrations between ThingsBoard and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP. By leveraging the APIs offered by both platforms, they enable bidirectional data synchronization and seamless communication between IoT devices and the ERP system. This integration allows for the exchange of relevant IoT data with the ERP system, enabling real-time updates, automation of business processes, and informed decision-making based on IoT insights. Advancethings ensures the secure and efficient flow of data between ThingsBoard and the ERP system, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Through these integrations, Advancethings ensures interoperability between ThingsBoard and OPC servers, custom dashboards, and ERP systems such as SAP. They provide expert assistance in establishing secure connections, configuring data exchange protocols, and enabling seamless communication between these systems. These integrations enhance the functionality, data visibility, and efficiency of the IoT implementation, enabling clients to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.




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